what they say

"John Green and TEFL Audio have provided us with invaluable assistance with our online soap opera programmes for business learners. Their script-writing services in particular have proved most valuable in enabling us to publish two on-going stories set in a hotel and a factory, whilst their casting and production values have always been to the highest commercial standard on all our projects together. "

Ian Roberts, The British Council, Hong Kong

"I have worked with John Green Tefl Audio (formerly TEFL Tapes) for a number of years on various different projects both big and small. John is both reliable and versatile and he has guided some of my inexperienced editors through the learning curve of recordings very efficiently. I would strongly recommend anyone to use John Green Tefl Audio for their educational audio productions."

Linda Mathews, Cambridge University Press

"The recordings alone are so very good. They are realistically recorded and the actors sound 'real'. There is a variety of accents and speeds with none of the situations sounding forced or false. At the same time they succeed in effectively putting over the topic of the units."

Review - EL Gazette

"Thank you for the excellent service you have given us in writing realistic audio scripts from our outlines and recording those scripts using actors of varying ages, ethnic Backgrounds and regional accents. We have all worked to a very tight schedule and we are grateful that you have consistently met our dates but have not allowed the quality of work to suffer."

City and Guilds

"TEFL Audio used some very creative strategies to produce excellent recorded material in French, Spanish and German.I was very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the job."

Berlitz Languages Inc.

But the greatest compliment of all is that our clients come back to us time and time again - with some working relationships lasting up to 20 years.



Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the UK and we are always happy to prepare costings for you to compare with your current suppliers, either on a programme you have already recorded or on a new project.


One of the main strengths of our organisation is our unique range of contacts and our ability to engage experts in specific fields. Whether writing, composing or editing materials, our regular collaborators include Sony award-winning writers, composers of film music and best-selling academic course writers