Music Recordings

  • Tim Woolf is our technical manager and composer. As a singer, composer and an actor in his own right, Tim is uniquely qualified to provide a creative input on all our programmes, in addition to his expertise in sound recording and engineering. He has composed songs and background music in an incredible range of styles for our programmes, from simple songs for five-year olds to the most up-to-the-minute pop songs.

  • Traditional Songs

    ABC Jazzy

    Allee Allee Oh

    Baby Bunting

    Drunken Sailor

    Frere Jacques

    Golden Slumbers

    Jacob's Ladder

    Mary Had A Little Lamb

    Nuts In May

    Oats and Beans

    Quartermaster's Stores

    What Can The Matter Be

    The Wheels On The Bus



Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the UK and we are always happy to prepare costings for you to compare with your current suppliers, either on a programme you have already recorded or on a new project.


One of the main strengths of our organisation is our unique range of contacts and our ability to engage experts in specific fields. Whether writing, composing or editing materials, our regular collaborators include Sony award-winning writers, composers of film music and best-selling academic course writers