what we do

John Green TEFL Audio is an award-winning and fully-integrated
audio recording service.

we offer...

  • Audio recordings of educational, training and entertainment materials for publishers and corporations for distribution on CD or Online.
  • Complete production services: analysing your scripts or developing and writing them from your specifications, finding the most suitable and professional speakers, hiring studios, providing studio direction - in other words, taking your programme all the way from concept to completion.
  • Our expertise covers the fields of English language teaching, modern languages teaching, audiobooks, stories and songs for children, as well as training and testing materials for commerce and industry.

and what's more...

We can help you with the writing and packaging of book manuscripts, with desktop publishing and design of audio-based books and printed materials.



Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the UK and we are always happy to prepare costings for you to compare with your current suppliers, either on a programme you have already recorded or on a new project.


One of the main strengths of our organisation is our unique range of contacts and our ability to engage experts in specific fields. Whether writing, composing or editing materials, our regular collaborators include Sony award-winning writers, composers of film music and best-selling academic course writers