who we are

John Green - Administration - Acting - Production

John is alone amongst current audio producers in combining the skills of a professional audio director with those of a qualified language teacher.
After graduating from Jesus College, Cambridge with a first in English he worked as a stage and voice actor for many years, with companies such as the New Shakespeare Company, The Cambridge Theatre Company and the BBC. He then qualified with an R.S.A Diploma in TEFL and taught for seven years at the prestigious Anglo-Continental Group of schools.
In 1983 he formed TEFL Tapes to unite these two interests and has since directed and produced many hundreds of audio programmes and talking books for countless clients worldwide.

Tim Woolf - Post-production - Music composition - Direction

Combining technical expertise in digital post-production, professional singing and composition experience and studio directing skills, Tim is uniquely qualified to provide creative as well as technical input on all our programmes.
After performing with the Jazz Rock band Blue Tuna in America and Germany for six years, he read Drama at Middlesex University before beginning his career in spoken work recording.
He has composed songs and background music in an incredible range of styles, from simple songs for five-year-olds to the most contemporary fully-produced pop songs and cover versions.
As well as directing recordings for BBC Radio 4 and 4Extra Tim is producing more and more programmes for TEFL Audio, bringing his wealth of experience in English Language Teaching and his own personal style to studio direction.

Anna Bentinck - Direction - Acting - Production

Anna has recorded over 800 ELT and story reading programmes for the BBC alone and has recently been undertaking a large range of audio-book readings. As an audio director of language materials she has worked extensively with young children in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Her other areas of expertise include Testing materials for the London Chamber of Commerce etc and on-site location recordings for business and educational purposes.



Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the UK and we are always happy to prepare costings for you to compare with your current suppliers, either on a programme you have already recorded or on a new project.


One of the main strengths of our organisation is our unique range of contacts and our ability to engage experts in specific fields. Whether writing, composing or editing materials, our regular collaborators include Sony award-winning writers, composers of film music and best-selling academic course writers